Write Your Prosperity

"In the journal, I do not just express myself more openly than I could to any person; I create myself." Susan Sontag

There is a difference between dreams and reality.

I know. I have devoted my life to figuring out how to get from one to the other and often messed up along the way.

Manifesting can be a fraught word these days. It sometimes has that “woo” factor that can make us cautious. But underneath all the inspirational language that can surround personal development, I feel like there is a simple truth. We all have a true desire to change, grow, and yes…manifest whatever is right for us. Your journal can provide that bridge.

How Do We Create Our Best Life?

A journal can help answer this question. It is a personal thing…a tool like anything else. It’s a safe place where we go to reflect, hope, define ourselves and our values.

It’s where we note the days passing. It’s just human nature, but Its power can be enormous. Throughout the centuries, many have used journals to reflect and focus their journeys.

In fact, can I suggest something? You’re probably already doing it; on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok.

If you are a Facebooker, you are probably familiar with the storylines that Facebook occasionally presents, highlighting your online life. Facebook’s algorithm identifies what you focused on in the last year; who you spent time with, your opinions and conversations, the major events and the little ones.

As the images pass by, you can see the connections between who you were then, who you are now, and all the threads in between. It’s a reality check, isn’t it?

In this program, we will look at the ways that journaling can reflect our future as well as our past.

Turn Your Dreams into Reality

These programs will use psychologically-sound, journaling techniques to nurture new vision and behaviors that will crystalize and drive you toward your goals.

Just one caveat: this is NOT “The Secret.”

The key difference is my program recognizes that we can’t just visualize our way to success. Journaling alone won’t do it either.


What's in Store:

During the program, you will have

  • Access to our private Facebook group to connect with other attendees
  • A live, one-hour coaching session each week.
  • Monthly worksheets that will provide prompts and exercises throughout our time together.

Monthly Program (3 month overview)

January: Clarity & Alignment

Sometimes our vision of the future can be a little foggy. We will lift the fog by taking stock of where we are with our goals and getting clear about what we actually want. This single step can be life-changing by itself.

Then we will focus on the story of “you.” What is the story that you have been telling yourself? Does it align with your dream? So much of what we achieve is the product of what we believe is possible. In this segment, we will align the story of ourselves with what we want for ourselves.


February: Your Intentional Vision

This part of the workshop builds on what we’ve learned and sharpens it to a single point of vision. We have reflected on where we are, what we want, and the stories we tell ourselves. Now it’s time to define our single, clear intention. This is the seed of manifestation.

When we can write this intention with clarity and confidence, we have begun to manifest. This is the first concrete step toward coaxing an idea from our minds into the real world. Writing it down is sprouting the seed.


March: Inspired Action

This week departs from some programs on manifestation. The seed is planted and sprouted. But gardening is hard work! Your intention now has to be cultivated, watered and fed to grow into reality.

In this final segment, we look at what we need to do to take that sprout and grow it into a thriving tree. Inspired by the previous weeks’ clarity and insights, we are now ready to give our full attention to effective action. We are turning dreams into reality.

Write Your Prosperity

Program starts Saturday, January 2nd.

Please Join us!

A new year is just around the corner, bringing new potential and opportunity. This is the perfect time to bring your dreams to life! Please sign up now!

I look forward to seeing you there!

About Mai

I started journaling when I was eight because I was having a hard time feeling happy or optimistic. And I didn’t understand why.

When I was introduced to journaling, I decided that it would be fun to write my thoughts down.

I didn’t know at the time how much it would change my life.

Since then, I have used my journal for clarity, healing, and manifesting.

And now I empower people connect to their inner voice and live a phenomenal life through journaling.

It's time to turn your vision board into a reality. Take action now.

Monthly $20/month

What people are saying

I attended an online event with Mai that really inspired me to journal. Mai has a unique, non-judgemental way of making you feel understood, empowered and cared about - all at the same time. Mai helped me see that journalling is such a precious, healing gift to yourself - like your very own secret garden.
Gaynor, Manchester, UK
Working with Mai has been an incredible experience. Through her journaling techniques, she has helped me clear the noise in my head and find clarity. I have been able to clearly recognize what my desires are, how to make goals to get my desired outcome. After working with her, I always feel more purposeful and focus.
Mai's workshop helped me let go of the past, accept/love myself as I am, and envision my perfect future! The exercises we did helped me realize how little time I spend thinking about things I really should spend more time thinking about. I've use some of the exercise we practiced that day whenever I feel overwhelmed, or unsure about something. EVERY SINGLE TIME I am so impressed by how much unnecessary baggage I was holding onto!
I had the pleasure of hosting an event with Mai Oliphant as a special guest in my Sensitive Empowerment Community talking about journaling. She has such a gift and inspired so many people to start journaling! It was heartwarming to hear how many lives she touched. I still get messages from people inspired by her! I can’t wait to have her back on my podcast. You feel her joy of journaling instantly and we connected to her immediately. She’s a bright light in the world with a gift meant to be shared. I am so excited about her workshop! Give yourself the gift and sign up!
Julie Bjelland, LMFT Founder of the Sensitive Empowerment Community