Why You Should Journal

We are ALL born with great potential that we need to seize. 

But along the way, we either doubt what we can do, go down a path that’s not ideal for us, or forget our power to achieve things.

From the age of 8, I have kept a journal. It was the way I worked through anything and everything. I felt more centered and clear.

But when I got older, I was told that there was only one way to journal. And I listened. I started to journal that way.

After a while, I just became tired of it. I felt like journaling was a chore, and it was not adding value to my life. It was not helping me find direction nor peace.


And do you know what happened not only when I started journaling in a way THAT DID NOT FEEL RIGHT FOR ME, but also once I completely stopped?

I spent YEARS in a career that did not light me up, spent way too much time with people that drained me of energy and happiness, unsuccessful businesses, suffered financial hardships, and let myself live in fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

Once I started to journal in a way that felt RIGHT for me, I fell in love with journaling again. And I started using it to design my life.

Journaling can be used to enhance your life.

Use it your way (whether that be long-form, fill in the blanks, blog post, or audio) to shape and mold the kind of life you have, the people you surround yourself with, the career you grow, the relationships you have, what you create, how you parent, how you look, and more.

Use journaling to SHAPE YOUR LIFE.

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