What To Write In Your Journal When You Feel Like You’ve Got Nothing To Write

A lot of people tell you that you should journal but what do you do when there’s nothing you want to write about?

To be honest, I feel that you always have something to write about, sometimes you either don’t realize it or you’re too busy focusing on one thing to understand the importance of writing about something else.

How often you journal could have something to do with feeling like you have nothing to journal. There are different schools of thought as far as how often you should journal. Some believe you should journal every day even if you just need to write down that you have nothing to journal about. Others believe you should take breaks between journaling sessions and that will help make it more powerful. Others that you should journal whenever you want.

I personally feel that consistency is key. It’s easy to get out of a habit of writing if it’s rare and few in between. How often you journal is entirely up to you. Maybe journaling once a month is more your things. Although I believe the more you do something, see how powerful it is, the more you do it. Experiment with how often you journal and see what helps you progress and helps you stay consistent.

Here are a few tips I have to figure out what to write about.

1. Journal Prompts

Journal prompts are great ways to stimulate your mind and can lead to some profound thoughts.

I don’t do journal prompts very often. Usually I have plenty I want to write about.

But I find when I do, I typically end up writing about things I don’t usually write about because it just never occurred to me to write about it or because I thought it would be boring.

And so what I’ve realized about journal prompts is that it’s a good way to get you thinking about things you would not have otherwise but that might have a deep impact on you and your thoughts.

2. Change Your Environment

Sometimes just by changing your scenery effects what you’re thinking and how you’re thinking it.

If you usually write in your bedroom try writing in your kitchen or living room. Or maybe get out of the house. Go to the library, a café, someone else’s home, or sit on the porch.

Changing your environment sometimes changes the energy you’re feeling.

I find that by changing where I’m writing my heart and mind change as well. I feel more open. Then ideas flow or come much easier to me.

3. Change The Time

Maybe you journal at a very specific time during the day. And while it’s nice to be consistent to help cement a habit, changing the time you write might help inspire you to have something to write about.

You might discover that you have a lot more to say at 6pm instead of 6am.

I’ve journal at different times doing the day. And there’s power to every time of day for me.

In the morning, I’ve had a night of rest and can more clearly express something that was taking space in my mind the day before. And sometimes I’ve had an interesting dream and I want to write about it.

In the afternoon, it’s a calm moment during the business of the day.

At night, there’s been so much that had happened that day that I need to reflect on. Or maybe nothing had happened and I need to reflect on how I feel about that, if I want more to happen during my day, and how I want to change that.

Spend some time experimenting with different changes in your journaling routine or your routine overall and see if something will help spark an idea of what you want to journal about.

What has worked for you when you’ve drawn a blank about what to write about?

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