Using Journaling To Heal From Trauma

You are in for a treat because we have a journaling interview with Tanisha McRae from The McRae Homestead.

I’ve spoken many times here about the importance and power of journaling. And how different people use it in different way. Tanisha used it to start her healing from Trauma.

How and why did you start journaling?

My personal journey into journaling started about 2 years ago. I began to get into journaling because I was trying to heal some past trauma. I had held it all in for so long that it was eating me up inside. I needed somewhere to release these thoughts. When I was asked to talk about them, I froze. I couldn’t get what I wanted to say out. I felt judgement from every angle. I never had a safe place to express my feelings growing up. So I believe this is where it stemmed from.

 I began to write random thoughts down. Never sharing them. Slowly, over time, those random thoughts became deeper, and longer entries, I began to ask myself deeper questions. Where is this feeling stemming from? Is this me or is this my ego? I had to learn to separate the two. I started linking my past traumas to my current insecurities through reading my journal entries.

I got to the point where I felt better instantly after writing my feelings down. It was like, I lifted some of the weight off. I eventually got to the point of feeling like I needed to share some of these journal entries. One was a very traumatic childhood sexual abuse experience. Something I was told to “let go” from my parents. Probably the thing that haunted me the most in my life. Years of never sharing how I truly felt, was eating at my soul everyday. But, by sharing my journal entry with my husband and my sister. I felt the weight of it all lift off my shoulders. I released it into the universe on paper, and then they read it, and we verbally were able to discuss it. I could move on. Finally.

 That day changed me. I began to share more & more of my journal entries with my followers on Instagram. I thought if I can help just one person feel less alone, by sharing that I struggle too. My life’s not perfect. Not even close! I got private messages from people sharing similar experiences, and opening up to me. They would thank me for sharing my writing/journal entry with them. They would say things like “ I couldn’t verbally express what you just wrote, but this is exactly how I feel. Writing can be just as powerful as verbal communication.

What’s your favorite thing about journaling?

I truly believe journaling helped me achieve all that I have today. Sometimes I can’t even finish something I’m working on, because I just want to jot a feeling that popped in my head. By journaling I’m able to really see how much I’ve progressed in just 2 years. I truly believe that when we write it down we’re releasing some of our pain into the universe, instead of holding it in.

What’s your advice for people who want to start journaling and are having a hard time with it?

 I would encourage those that are new to journaling, to just not think about it too much at first. Start with one word and the date if you have to. Maybe I’m feeling discouraged I might write “discouraged” in my journal with the date. Every time I might add more, and more to it. Before long you’ll be in full journaling mode.

 If writing isn’t your thing, I’m also into art journaling. Colors have many meanings. I might just fill a page with the colors of my mood. I might cut words out of a magazine and collage how I feel. There’s no right or wrong way to journal. It’s your safe place. You don’t have to share it with anyone. No one is grading your journaling ability. This is a journey between you and yourself.

Anything else you want to share?

Whatever journaling method you choose, I encourage you to enjoy the process. Take time for yourself when you can. Set the mood. Light some candles & have a cup of tea, or coffee if that’s your thing. Just enjoy the energy of the process. Release it into the universe, and feel the heaviness leave your body.

Happy journaling!

About the author
Tanisha McRae is a homeschool mom of 6 who shares vulnerable post about homesteading, homeschooling, reading, being a biracial family, and more. Check out her content on Instagram HERE.

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