Moving Forward

One of the things I love is reading my old journals because I learn so so much from them. The words written in them leaves me…feeling something. And what that feeling is, depends on what the journal entry is about.

I’ve been reading my old blogs and watching my videos, and I realize that it leaves me feeling nothing.

Now, I know it’s not great marketing to admit that, but seeing and acknowledging that my content bores me is great for my growth.

There are two things I hoped would happen when I started Shape Mai Life.

First, that people would watch/read my content, and it would help them figure out how to grow and become happier.

Second, that I would consume my own content and remember either when I went through something and overcame it. Or relearn from it so I could grow and become happier.

But two things are standing in the way of making Shape Mai Life (SML) into what I envisioned.

Pride and fear.

I’ve realized that I am way too prideful to allow myself to be vulnerable and too fearful of the kind of criticism I could receive.

In my life, I have had some very negative experiences with those things. And in all honesty, I don’t want to have those experiences again.

Then where does that lead SML?

Hopefully, in a better place, because I also realized that I want to make a difference. It will not be easy and sometimes not fun. But I truly, truly, would love to know that my trials & triumphs helped someone else.

And so, instead of talking to you as if I have all of life figured out. I will share with you things I’ve gone through and am going through and what I’m doing about it.

That does not mean I will share things that I want to keep private, such as what my children look like and things like that.

But it means I will share with you things I am not comfortable sharing (because I want to be seen in a certain way) but that I know would help someone out there.

I am building a relationship with you. And just like all relationships, it only grows when we’re willing to share of ourselves. Our triumphs, trials, and our everyday moments.

Here’s to a future of us growing closer together so that we can help each other to grow and be that much happier.

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