Learning To Love

When Did you learn to love?

Was it as a child when an adult took the time to make you pancake or one of your favorite breakfast foods?

Or was it as a young adult surrounded by friends when you realized that these people helped you to be happier. And supported your growth?

Or was it as an adult when you meant someone who made you feel that who you are is exactly who they wanted to be with. That your presence in their life made a difference.

Or was it as an adult, learning that the only way you can have love to give is by loving yourself and by doing that, you are then strong enough to love others unconditionally?

All my life I’ve been learning how to love.

As a child, I had to learn to love my family. Not just what they could give to me, but for who they were.

As a young adult, I had to learn to love my friends. I had to learn to forgive them when they made mistakes that heart me because like me, they were learning how to love.

As an adult, I learned the true meaning of romantic love (and married him). I learned that true love was unselfish and does not knock down. Only build, only add, only give the support and tools to help them grow and be happy.

And still as an adult I’m learning how to love myself. In fact, I learned that the most profound way I could love resolves around me feeling happy enough, comfortable enough to focus outside of myself to give love.

And in order to love myself, I had to learn to accept myself, to change the things that did not add to my happiness or growth, and to be in tune with myself enough to know what I needed and then to allow myself to have those things.

All my life I’ve been learning how to love patiently, unselfish, gently, honestly, and unconditionally. Both others and myself.

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