How To Achieve Your Goals (Motivation to Stay Focused)

Every year, whether that be in January, March, or September, we make goals. But along the way, we either lose direction or motivation to achieve these goals. We’re going to talk about how to be motivated to stay focused so that you can achieve your goals.

It’s easy to set goals. You decided what you want, write it down, and then try to accomplish it. Right? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Hence why it’s not so easy to keep your eye on the prize. There are way too many distractions along the way.

I want to share a few tips on how to stay focused and accomplish what you to accomplish.

1. Seasons

Our lives have different seasons, and we have to be aware when we’ve entered a different stage in our lives because that means what used to work might not work anymore.

2. Goals Are The End Results

Your goals are really the end results of habits and systems you have put in place. For instance, if I set a goal to go to the gym every day, just telling myself every day, I need to go to the gym might not make it happen.

This leads me to my next tip:

3. Habits & Systems

You need to create habits and systems that will help you have going to the gym regularly to be your end results. Such as figuring out what habit you already have in place that you can attach going to the gym to so that it’s easier to go.

When I was single, I used to go to the gym 3 times a week. I used to pass right by the gym on my way home for work. And so I decided that was the best time to go. It was hard because I was tired. But since it was on my way home, it made it easier to make stopping by the gym a habit.

I also love the steam room. The thought of using the steam room after an intense workout was HIGHLY motivating.

4. How I Apply These Tips To My 2020 Goals.

I discussed what goals I set in my post about how to create a vision board in a journal. 

I only set four goals for 2020. I’m going to revisit them once the quarter is done to make sure they still feel right to me or if they need tweaking.

1st goal is every week to do something in some form or another to or for the people I love. And so far, I’ve done really well with this. When I set the goal, I knew the best way to make sure this happens is by deciding before the week started exactly who I was going to contact and how.

And so, during my planning sessions on Sundays, I do just that. But I’m not rigid about this. One week I decided to reach out to one friend by mailing her a card. And I did reach out to her through text, but it was another friend that I really felt I needed to reach out to as well. And so I ended up reaching out to two friends because it felt right.

My 2nd goal is to lose 30 lbs. That will put me back to my pre-baby weight. It’s the weight I felt most comfortable in. It’s where I felt the most energy. And so that’s how I determined that number.

I’ve set a few habits in place to try to accomplish this. One of the habits I set in place to make sure this happens is I joined an accountability group with my sister and a friend. We meet at the same gym at the same time to exercise. I also told myself I could have a session in the steam room if I go to the gym.

This one has been hard because it’s ended up that I can’t go to the steam room because I’m usually in a rush to get back home so my husband could leave for work in time.

Also, we meet at 5am, and unfortunately, my sleep schedule has been completely off since the holidays and constant sickness in my home. And so that means I need more or different habits in place.

The habit I’ve decided that will help the most with this is getting to bed before 9pm. This one is hard. But I’m motivated to get to bed because it’s when I usually get to read during the day. One of the things I started doing is getting ready for bed right before I get my kids ready for bed. Then once I put them to bed, it’s much easier to go to bed soon after.

The other habit I set in place is to dance every day because I LOVE TO DANCE. And I’ve made it into a fun daily activity I do with my boys. They make sure it happens.

My 3rd goal is to make $150,000 in business. This is a stretch goal for me, and I’m genuinely hoping I make it. I know that to make that much, I have to be really on top of my work.

I have two businesses. A web design business and Shape Mai Life.

The web design one I just have to be on top of my referrals.

I know to grow Shape Mai Life, I have to be consistent about uploading YT videos every week, posting on my blog, and being active on social media. I have been doing those things, but I am going to change how I approach those. What I want to do is create a new work schedule and putting down exactly when I will be doing those things.

There are also skills I need to gain to get better at what I do. During my weekly sessions, I decide what skill or class I will work on that week. This has been going REALLY well. I’ve learned so much already.

My 4th goal is to spend an hour every day, getting my home/family organized.

This goal is the closest I’ve come to verbalizing what I want to accomplish. I’m still not sure if that’s it. If you have an idea on how I could better say this, please let me know in the comments below.

But what I’ve done is made sure I spend around 15 minutes or so in the morning and again in the evening tidying up and getting the kids’ clothes ready for the next day.

I’ve also mentioned that I’m remodeling my home, and so if I could consistently work on this, it would go a LONG way to making me feel so much more organized in every area of my life.

And so going to create a remodeling schedule to make sure it happens. I did this in my bullet journal. As you can see, I put the area of my house, and I am going to put the list of things I would like done and the date I want to get it done by.

What I’ve decided is to spend my Friday mornings right after I drop off my little one at school, to spend 2 to 3 hours working on these areas. I will see how that goes since I don’t have a lot of other days to work on it.

What kinds of habits & systems do you have in place to accomplish your goals? Or which ones have I mentioned that you will apply to your own goals?

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