Learning To Love

When Did you learn to love? Was it as a child when an adult took the time to make you pancake or one of your favorite breakfast foods? Or was it as a young adult surrounded by friends when you realized that these people helped you to be happier. And supported your growth? Or was […]

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6 Different Ways To Journal

I mentioned before that in the past, I’ve lost my love of journaling and even stopped journaling when I started to journal the way I THOUGHT I had to instead of the way that worked well for me. I would like to share with you some different styles of journaling that I have noticed. 1. […]

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Why You Should Journal

We are ALL born with great potential that we need to seize.  But along the way, we either doubt what we can do, go down a path that’s not ideal for us, or forget our power to achieve things. From the age of 8, I have kept a journal. It was the way I worked […]

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