Mai Oliphant

Journaling my way to live intentionally has changed my life and so I decided to share my journey (thoughts & actions) with you in the hope it will help you on your life journey.

Using Journaling To Heal From Trauma

You are in for a treat because we have a journaling interview with Tanisha McRae from The McRae Homestead. I’ve spoken many times here about the importance and power of journaling. And how different people use it in different way. Tanisha used it to start her healing from Trauma. How and why did you start […]

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Learning To Say No

There are a few reasons that sometimes we have a hard time saying “no.” Some more than others. One of these reasons is because we think it’s selfish. At least that has always been my reason. I was raised to believe that if you had the time, money, and other resources, it was selfish to […]

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The Move That Changed My Life

I’ve had many pivotal moments in my life, and one of them is represented by the picture below. Just a year before this picture was taken, I had faced a fork in the road. At the time, I no longer wanted to live where I was. I felt stuck, unmotivated, ugly, boring, and unwanted. A […]

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