I created this space to help you understand how you can use journaling to heal.
In the process of living, wounds are created.

Sometimes these wounds are large and other times, they are small.

They can be caused by other people, by circumstance, or by ourselves.

To grow and achieve the kind of happiness you want in life, you have to take the time to heal.

I hope Shape Mai Life will give you the tools, inspiration, and space you need to heal and start living with intention and purpose.



My Story…

When I was eight years old, my sister and I moved from Haiti to the U.S. to live with our mom, who had moved to the U.S. years earlier to attend college.

If you’ve ever met me, you would know that I am a very happy and optimistic person. I always have been.

But when I was eight, I was having a hard time feeling happy or optimistic. And I didn’t understand why.

At that time in my life, I started being called lazy, selfish, rude, and unkind in my home. And I was made to feel ugly and unattractive at school.

I had never been called those things before, and I was confused.

When I was introduced to journaling, I decided that it would be fun to write my thoughts down.

I didn’t know at the time how much it would change my life.

Every time my emotions would start to feel overwhelming, I would pull out my journal. And by the time my journaling session would end, I would feel at peace and able to handle whatever came next.

I also felt like I could forgive those who had used such sharp words to hurt me. And I used my journaling to have a paradigm shift to help me understand where they were coming from.

Fast forward years later, and I still use my journal to make sure I am healing so that I can be happy and design my ideal life.

My journaling has evolved over the years to accommodate what I need out of it.

Journaling helped me to get through the bad times and made the good times even more amazing.

I want to help you use journaling to heal and enhance your life.

Don’t believe it can? Then download this FREE guide, “11 Journal Prompts for Healing.”


What will I find on Shape Mai Life?

Tips and advice dealing with but not limited to:



+Personal growth

+Time management

+And of course, Journaling




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