Having a Better Period: The Exit Stage

In the first two videos of this series I talked about the prep and during stage of being productive and happy on my period.

Today, I’m going to talk about the exit stage of my period.

This is the stage where I can feel my cycle ending, I can feel my body and emotions getting back to normal. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily occur when you stop bleeding.

I find that, for me, it can occur with the cessation of bleeding or a day or two after. I have to pay attention to my body to know when I’m experiencing the exit stage.

One of the things I notice that occurs once my period ends is that since I had fallen into lazy or low energy habits such as sleeping in, eating more, and of course, I have a hard time getting out of those for a week or so.

During this stage, I plan on what I need to do and how I need to do it in order to get back to a higher level of health and productivity.

1. Triggers

I know that I will need to set triggers in place in order for this exit strategy to become a habit.

I will use my alarm clock to become a trigger for me to stop and take stock of how my body is feeling. And to act accordingly

If I feel my body is doing well, I will put my exercise shoes on.

If I feel my body is not well, I will stay bear footed and do low intensity things that day.

2. Exercise

While during my period I allow myself to go at a slower pace, I plan on keeping my morning routines. I’ve realized that this is something I need to do during my whole period, even though I try to not push myself to the point of exhaustion since I get exhausted much more easily at this time.

I just shift the way I do my morning routine. Instead of an intense work-out, I do a lower energy impact exercise. Such as going for a 30-minute walk.

But during my exit stage, I will increase the intensity of my work out a little at a time. For example, I will start to jog again where I walk two minutes and jog for one minute of it.

I will experiment with this and let you know how it turns out. Remember to follow me on Instagram where I tend to update people more often.

3. Diet

As far as reducing the number of calories I eat, that’s something my body does naturally.

I’ve had to train myself to pay attention to what my body wants. The problem is listening to it.

On my period, I am hungrier. And that’s not hard to listen to and so it’s easy to give it more calories.

My struggle is reducing the amount I eat when my body no longer wants that amount.

Something I have started doing is drinking smoothies in the morning. My smoothie usually consist of spinach, blueberries, blackberries, and a banana to add creaminess and a bit of sweetness.

Smoothies have helped me in a few ways.

One, I am not usually hungry when I first wake up. This has led to me not having breakfast and not eating until 10 and sometimes 11am in the morning.

This was not working out for me because my body likes to front load my calories. That means it likes me to consume the majority of my calories early in the day rather than late at night.

A smoothie has been the perfect way to get something in my body without making me feel sick and nauseous.

The second way having a smoothie has helped me is that it makes me have better portion control.

I am not one who likes processed. fried, or a lot of overly sweet food. I eat a mostly whole food diet. But since I was not usually eating breakfast and not very good about lunch, but dinner time I was STARVING and eating a lot of portion of my wholefood. That is still a lot of calories.

But when I have my smoothie, I not only have better portion control but it helps my body crave good food.

That’s it. This wraps up the three-part posts about how I plan on being happier and more productive during my period.

Which part helped you gain the most insight about your time of the month?

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